Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New House

Well our part in preparing the new house for occupancy is almost finished. YAY! And now Julie and Steve have started their work painting and cleaning. So today on my way home from work I drove by the house (it is about 8 houses down the road from us) and I saw Luke and Caleb outside playing so naturally I had to stop and say hi. I had my camera in the car so I took this video of Caleb practicing for the Olympics in his new backyard.

Everyone else was in the house painting or "helping". Linnea was taking all the covers off the outlets with a screwdriver (YIKES!), Alec was supervising the painting of his new room - bright orange - it looks awesome! It will practically glow in the dark just like Uncle Nick's room. And Selah was busy "spackling". Well she had one of those smoothing tools and she was wiping it on the walls. The little boys were in and out depending on if it was raining or hailing or sunny or whatever! They have moved so many times that they are pros at this painting, cleaning, packing, moving thing! UGH - I don't know how they do it but i will be sooo happy if they never have to move again!

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Schultz Family said...

He is so cute! His mother must love him so much.