Friday, June 27, 2008


This is Luke. Middle grandson - for now anyways:-) Luke went home from VBS with a friend today. A short time later he decided he was done there and wanted to go home. Unfortunately - or not - mom wasn't able to go get him at the moment so I did. We came back here where he just kicked back and watched some tv and enjoyed some alone time. Sometime later that night it was decided that he would spend the night here and then I would deliver him to VBS in the morning. He is a delightful boy! Really! In the morning we went out for breakfast. On the way to the restaurant we were discussing the menu choices. He decided that he wanted scrambled eggs and toast. I asked if he'd like bacon or sausage with his egss and he asked incredulousy, "they have sausage?" So cute! While we were waiting for our food he entertained me with his best alien impersonation - photo on left above. And then he asked for my glasses and did his best grandma impersonation!! At least he's smiling!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So I decided to bake cookies. It turned out to be a not very good idea but by the time I realized it it was too late....the story of my life;-) First let me say that all left hand function is with great effort (and a little pain). So once I had the eggs and butter all mixed up I saw that my brown sugar was a brick which I was unable to smash. So I guesstimated 3/4 of a cup and chiseled that amount off with a knife - hoping the whole time that the knife wouldn't slip and I would need more stitches! Problem solved! Until it was time for the vanilla - whose cap was screwed on the last time by king kong or someone who really reefed it on tight. I want you to know that I would've smashed that bottle if I'd had to but hot water and a few few cracks on the sink took care if it. Problem solved! Until it was time for the oatmeal. It sure looked like there was 3 cups in that can when I checked it but turned out to be a cup short. Come on!! A whole cup? Well it was raining and no way was I running to the store. So I improvised. I found a box of instant oatmeal - apple cinnamon instant oatmeal but at this point I would've used cocoa puffs. (Maybe they're not made from oatmeal?) The last ingredient was the flour. Which for me has become an iffy item ever since my work "friends" told me and then SHOWED me how mealy worms like to hide in flour!!! EEWWW!! But alas! The flour was free from mealy worms and the cookies were ready for the oven. Now I remember why I don 't like to bake!!! (But that mixer still looks so fine on my counter!)

Summer Vacation Week Three

My Frankenstein hand is improving. Somewhat. I was beginning to like the "three little caterpillars" that were the stitches on each incision! And here's a query...why do they call bruises "black & blue" marks??? Because my hand and wrist are very bruised right now and there is not a speck of black or blue. It is more varying shades of green and yellow with a few speckles of purple. Oh well. I survived the removal of the stitches. Although there was some speculation as to whether or not I would faint. I did not.
I did expect to be finished with this ordeal however. So as you can imagine, I was not that excited about the prospect of three weeks of therapy. Which, by the way, won't start for another week while I rest my hand a little longer. Seriously???

Summer Vacation - Week Two

It seemed like a good idea. At the time. Schedule hand surgery for after school was out. Save the sick days for being sick. So much for that "good idea". There was actually nothing to it. Much. I got a prescription for Vicodin;-) I had my hand wrapped in about 97 yards of guaze and tape and other medical materials. That alone garnered much sympathy for the first few days. You housework of any cooking....well you can imagine. Life was pretty good.
And then it was time to unwrap -what I like to call - my Frankenstein hand. When I first saw my hand I nearly passed out. For real! Look at it! Wouldn't you??? They told me at the Dr 's to keep it covered until next week. NO problem!!!