Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Good Advice

First let me just say that I knew it was a bad idea right from the start. That said, let me set the stage.....

Yesterday was Alec's (oldest grandchild) 11th birthday. He wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch. You know, for the Lego happy meal....which he didn't even order! McDonald's is not the bad idea.....well it is but that's not the bad idea I'm referring to here. So we went to McD's for lunch. It was Julie and me and her 5 kids. After lunch we went to Target where I decided that I would look for a bra that would work with the dress I have for the wedding (another story) in 2 weeks. You know where this is going now, don't you? Yep so I head quickly for that department, with Selah (2 years old) in tow, as soon as we are in the doors, hoping to find something fast. Evidently I wasn't fast enough because I heard 2 little voices behind me following me to the lingerie section. Alec & Luke. Do I have to tell you what it's like shopping for a bra with 11 & 6 year old boys?! They were actually hilarious. I could hear the snickers of other shoppers. They were picking out styles they thought I would like "look at this one Grandma it has skulls on it", (perfect for the wedding don't you think?) "this is the kind mom wears", "how about THIS one?" (yeah if I was 12!) or my favorite..."what's THIS for?" (yikes!) and telling me which ones they liked, making recommendations and well......needless to say we left that section after only about 3o seconds and headed for the relatively safe realm of toys and candy. Phew!

So here's my advice - take the kids shopping BEFORE lunch when they're whining and complaining and too hungry to care about shopping......when you can bribe them with McDonald's if only they'll give you 5 peaceful minutes to shop and then, yes maybe then, you'll be able to find what you're looking for!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Pictures

Somewhere along the line we have turned into big geeks. Yeah, yeah I know that you've always thought we were geeks but here is the evidence......more sunset photos! Yikes! And to make matters worse, Tom even turned the car around to get this shot. We used to be much more interesting I think. That was before we started taking pictures of sunsets and the Ludington carferry.

But wait - it gets better (or worse) is a sunset and a lighthouse together in one picture!
And here is the required grandchild photo.....Selah getting her ears pierced. I am pretty sure she wasn't expecting the element of pain that is associated with the procedure but she recovered quickly.
Here she is later at home showing us her pretty purple earrings!

Sadly (or not) I do not have any photographic evidence of our maiden kayak voyage. Or proof of one of us (snicker snicker) tipping it over and getting soaked, so......I guess you'll just have to decide for yourselves which of us big geeks is also a clumsy kayak paddler!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Tom & I are just back from 9 days in Ludington. Here are some of the pictures from the week.

One day had been really really hot and so about 8 pm we headed for the Lake Michigan beach to swim and were still there for this fabulous sunset.

This is just a shot of Hamlin Lake. Unfortunately we spent no time on our boat because the first day Tom took it out fishing the motor blew up. Or something. It doesn't work anymore.

Here we are getting ready for our annual canoe trip on the Pere Marquette River. Happy to report that no one got wet! Now that we vacation without our kids the risk of a canoe tip over has just about completely ended!

One of the bridges we passed under on our canoe trip.

Looking at these pictures, it seems like most of our time is spent on or in water doesn't it? That could explain why we purchased a couple of kayaks last week. Hopefully we'll be able to try them out this next weekend.

And now for some odd things that we saw last week.......

First is this double decker outhouse. The upper level is for politicians and the lower level is for voters. At least that's what it says on the doors. Even if you shared the sentiment would you really put it on your front lawn???

At least this "guard dog" is on a stretch of highway and not on someone's front lawn. It is however advertising a business. Kinda doesn't entice me in.

Then there's this cute little troll or gnome or whatever painted under a bridge that we've literally driven over hundreds of times and never seen before. Actually kind of cute don't you think??

And saving the best for is Tom at the beach. Yep we had a great time!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


We have just returned from a week in Ludington. It was Julie and her 5 kids and me. She reminded me daily that I am not as helpful as Steve and I really make no apologies for that. I also had 5 kids and have lived through it! More or less :~)We went to the West Michigan Fair one day and all the rides were a buck! So the kids and Julie rode all the rides they wanted to! Above they are on the Dizzy Dragon.
Below is Selah waiting her turn on the train. No one better take cuts in line in front of her!!

Of course the big kids had to go to the "haunted house" (down the road from our place). The place gives me the creeps! But they like it and have to check each time to see if the bed frame has fallen out the window yet.

We also spent a day at the Ludington State Park. Here is Selah eating her lunch by the
Hamlin Lake dam.
Luke and Caleb.
Alec jumping off a sand dune.
The kids found a frog in lake Michigan. Here they are "playing" with the poor thing!
I don't know why kids always have to dunk their heads in the lake but here is Selah taking her turn dunking.

And saving the best for is Selah eating blueberries. Love the one stuck on her tooth!