Monday, April 13, 2009

FLORIDA - DAYS 10 & 11

We arrived home safely today! It was a LOONG two days in the car.......15 1/2 hours yesterday and 5 hours today. I don't know why the ride home always seems so much longer than the ride down but we made it and I am very grateful for that!
It seems like we left Florida forever ago but it was only yesterday morning. Here are some of the funny things I heard from the back seat.....

About 30 minutes into the ride...
Luke: Grandma I'm going to be carsick!!!
Tom hurriedly pulls the car over and Luke starts laughing, "Just kidding!"
We weren't exactly laughing but these are grandkids so we didn't get too mad.

A little later.....
Luke: Grandma, Caleb's throwing things out the window.
Me: Caleb! We don't throw things out the window! Stop it!
Caleb: Don't worry Gwama, it was only garbage.

It was fun spending time with them alone. I learned that Luke, despite his tough guy act, is a rule follower, a share-er, is kind and sweet, likes to sing, is cooperative, and brave. Caleb is more temperamental than I thought, he is also kind and sweet but isn't as much of a share-er, would rather not brush his teeth, says the funniest things and likes Sponge Bob. He is also brave - come on, 11 days away from home and he is only 4!!! I learned that I have more patience with them than I did with my kids when they were little. I know now that some things just aren't that important!!

I'm afraid I don't have any pictures to post......kind of hard to take pictures from a moving vehicle. We saw a sign at a rest area in Florida yesterday morning that was unusual. It was right in front of our car as we pulled in to park and it said "Use Caution! Poisonous Snakes". Yikes, all we wanted to do was use the "facilities"!!
Luke and I actually saw something else funny this morning but my camera and my phone were in the car. We stopped early this morning at a truck stop to look for a postcard for one of their friends who is collecting them and saw a sign on the womens bathroom door that said " Servers Wanted - Apply Within". Not sure what they'd be serving so got a postcard and got outta there!!

Maybe I'll clean out the car and unpack my stuff tomorrow. Maybe not.


SuzySchool said...

Luke cracks me up! Carsick!! ha ha ha !!!

Schultz Family said...

maybe i'll apply for the server position!