Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Florida - Day 5 & DISNEY!

Yesterday we visited the Magic Kingdom. Together with about 92 million other people. We heard that they actually closed the park to any more visitors at some point in the afternoon. But the boys were awesome especially considering that they had to shuffle around all day in a mass of humanity, eye level with all those butts! We waited in lines about half the time we were there - lines for food, bathroom, rides, shows, to buy stuff....well you get the idea. I think they went on every ride that they wanted to ride. It was a cool day so it wasn't miserable like it can be schlepping around the park.
Luke took me for a ride on the Speedway (below) and Caleb took Tom for a ride (way below).

Then the boys all went for a twirl on the Teacups! They are in the yellow cup. Kind of hard to see, I know. I also have a video of the Teacups but it takes waaaaay tooooo loooong to upload anything on the wireless here!

We stopped for an ice cream break. Luke and I had good old fashioned Mickey bars but Caleb had a Hagen Daz! You know it's a cold day when the ice cream isn't a drippy gooey mess!

They tried on hats. Here is Caleb doing his best pirate imitation....aaarrgh! They decided to buy pirate guns and swords instead of the hats. *Surprise*
I'm not sure what kind of hat Luke had on, I think a Mickey Speedway hat? His eye was starting to bug him and I forgot to bring his Clarinex......sorry Luke!
Here is Main Street and Cinderellla's Castle. The parade was about to start and Caleb was already asleep in my lap.

I think they had fun. They were two TIRED little boys, both asleep before we left the parking lot. And both awake this morning by 6:30 AM!!!

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