Friday, April 10, 2009


Here they were last night snuggled together like a pair of puppies......sweet??
Notice that Caleb still had his bathing suit on???
I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! Tomorrow we will be packing up and preparing to leave early Sunday morning.
But today we had fun on the beach again. These two boys, unlike their siblings, are not interested in going on a kayak trip, an air boat ride, a nature cruise, or even going out to eat! So today we played. Again.
Here is a Caleb funny....
He & Luke were playing on the lawn with their squirt guns when Caleb came running into the room shouting......
Caleb: Gwama! My gun accidentally got up on the roof!!
Me (not surprised by much of anything anymore!): What?
Caleb: Yeah....I heard a bang and there it (the gun) was. Up on the roof!
Mmmmhhhmmm! Sure.
Anyways I got it down and they resumed play.
Tonight after dinner we took them to see the sharks in the tank at Cocoa Beach Surf but they had more fun riding the escalators! Go figure! After that we walked over to Ron Jon and they had fun looking at shells and toys and riding in the glass elevator. Stopped for ice cream on the way back and now they are snuggled in bed watching TV.
Here are the latest pictures!

Here they are at Ron Jon.

Trying on 'do rags!

Whatever am I going to do for fun next week????

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Schultz Family said...

love the pic of the pt cruiser!