Friday, October 30, 2009


This is what Tom's toothbrush looks like. So, the other day when I was cleaning the bathroom, I used it to clean the crud around the sink, faucet, knobs, counter, etc. And then - this is the important part - I threw it in the garbage.
So this morning when I spotted it back in the toothbrush cup I was kinda grossed out. But I was hoping that maybe it wasn't the one I threw away. I called Tom on my way to work to check - how do you ask someone if they took a toohbrush out of the garbage and resumed using it??? But ask I did and he said that he thought it had just fallen in there so he retrieved it and put it back in the cup and kept using it. hopped out of the cup and walked across the counter and then lept into the garbage. BLECCCHHH!!!

Tonight it is going into the dumpster. Where he won't find it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Smiling Kitty

This cat is not smiling - it is hissing. Hissing is what cats do when they are angry.

Here is what Selah (2 years old) said to me the other day after she'd found the cat in his hiding place and woke him up from his nap......
Are you ready??
Okay here it is......
"Gamma look! Kitty is smiling at me!"
Not exactly Selah!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well it has been a quiet week here in Hartland. And quiet is good. That said, here are some of the past week's highlights.....well not exactly highlights.....but the most interesting stuff from the week. With pictures from the weekend thrown in for a splash of color!

Tom & I went to Ludington for a long weekend this past weekend. It was really cold up there and the leaves were really not changing much.....oh well. We didn't do much of anything other than close the place down for the winter. (Boo hoo!) Tom'll probably go back up and stay there for hunting in a few weeks. Alone - since I'm not that into being without running water, you know?

Driving to and from work these past few days I've noticed a couple signs that make me laugh. Both are hand lettered, posterboard size signs. The first one I noticed on my way home from work one afternoon and I didn't really think it said what I thought it said but another day I slowed down and sure enough it did say what I thought. It says simply "Obama - a horrible mistake". I'm not really trying to make a political statement here, I'm just saying......

Okay, the second sign was on the corner of a busy intersection and I actually drive around twice to read it. This one says "Wanted - common sense stimulus". (Must've been reading Glenn Beck's book, huh?) Unfortunately it wasn't there today. Bummer. I wonder if both signs were the work of the same person?

Last night Tom & I went to Costco with two of our grandkids...... Selah (2) and Luke (7). It wasn't really my idea to take Selah to the store but when I tried to take her home she said "Cos-ick-co" and Tom has never heard her speak before and it was adorable and so we took her and Luke. They were good....Selah ate from every sample table in the store and wore a lot of it on her clothes. She also never stopped talking. Never. Selah seems to think that she is too big to ride in the cart. kids rode in the cart until I couldn't hoist them up there and stuff their legs through the holes anymore. So she would wander away the second I blinked. But it's all good......I got most of the stuff I was looking for and all they wanted was the 15 pack of gum. That works out to 180 pieces of gum. I'm sure mommy was thrilled about that.....she's almost got all of it out of Selah's hair from last time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Monday.....

It's been a while since my last post. After months and months of wedding planning and shower planning and all things wedding related, a first birthday celebration and a Christening, we have resumed a more normal (at least our kind of normal!) pace. And normal (as we know it) is good. So there hasn't been much to write about. Except for a couple things......

One is WE GOT A MEIJER RIGHT HERE IN HARTLAND!! Can someone say yeeha??!! Until you've lived at the edge of civilization you can't really appreciate the significance of having a Meijer so close to home. Yeah we got a Walmart a couple months ago but for too many reasons to list here, it's not the same as Meijer!
The second big event was that I GOT MY CAR BACK!!! It was in the shop exactly 3 weeks. I don't think it takes 3 weeks for heart surgery and recovery for crying out loud! For more on the car story check my earlier post. Anyways I was pretty happy to turn in the clown car rental that I'd been driving, which although it was good on mileage, was not so good in many other ways. Not complaining, just saying......

We also went to Ludington where the town was more or less closed down for the season. We hope to go back up there this weekend and winterize. Boo hoo!
So here are a couple pictures...... a tree.....I don't know why we took this picture. It must've seemed like a good idea at the time.
...... Hamlin Lake with a storm blowing in......

..... Lake Michigan with the snow fences already in place. UGH.

And this is Tom and Maggie the other night. I literally handed her to him when she wouldn't stop crying and she instantly fell asleep. Unfortunately, after about 5 minutes someone came to the door, the dogs started barking and she woke up. I don't think she ever went back to sleep that night! All night. We must've been a little younger when we did that with our kids huh?

Yep, I sound like my mom. Who knew???

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Flu Shot

I went to see the Dr. last week. It was just a check up. The nurse came in the room to weigh me and check my BP and pulse and stuff. During the weigh in I noticed that the little balance bar needle thing wasn't balancing in the middle it was just resting on the bottom. (Does that even make sense?) Anyways she took my BP and it was surprisingly lower than my usual. Then she was unable to find a pulse. Strange. A little later the regular nurse came in to re-check my BP and came up with my usual reading. Hmmmm.... Then she asked if I was really taking 3 of a prescription drug every day. What??? The first nurse never even asked what drugs I was taking! Yeah, doesn't really inspire confidence does it?? So after my visit with the Dr. the first nurse came back to give me the flu shot.
Here was the conversation-
The whole time I was holding my arm so she couldn't give the shot until I was ready.
Me: So you're a student.
Nurse: Yep. Doing my externship here. For 4 weeks. No pay.
Me: So maybe you'll get hired?
(Please say no, please say no...)
Nurse: Nope they hired someone else.
(First reaction was thank goodness - then uh-oh.....)
Me: Does the vaccine come ready to use?
Nurse: Nope. I drew it up myself.
(BIG uh-oh...could be full of tiny air bubbles or might not even be the flu shot! Could be fertility drugs or worse! Get a grip woman!)
She sticks me once....
Me: So do you get much practice at giving shots?
She sticks me again, this time for real.....
Nurse: Oh yeah, I've been doing this for a loong time, probably 2 weeks now.
Oh yeah, 2 weeks that's a really long time!