Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Elderly

We are back from our week in Ludington. We had a nice time......the weather was pretty crummy except for the one day we went to the beach. So we played a lot of Left, Center, Right using candy instead of the chips. They also learned how to play a computer game on my laptop. We went to the pool (indoors) many times each day. Listened to "Grandma look at me!" about fifty two thousand times :~) Went to the movies twice. A long time ago I took the kids to see a really lame Winnie the Pooh movie. It was soo bad I could hardly sit through it! So I've learned to only take them to movies that I would actually consider seeing even without them. Therefore we saw "UP" in 3D and later in the week we saw the new "Night at the Museum". We also visited the elk ranch and got up close and personal with about 200 elk. We fed them out of our hands - kinda weird - wished I'd had my purell with me. We went out for ice cream a couple times and also spent an evening at the playground. Took several long golf cart rides up and down back roads, through the woods, to the "haunted house", up & down the big hill. They stayed up as late as they wanted to, ate what they wanted, etc.

So during all these activities I kept noticing how many other grandparents were out with their grand kids. And I was thinking that they all looked so old. Seriously. And I was thinking that for a grandma of 7 I look pretty darn good. Like maybe the kids should be calling me "Auntie Sheryl" instead of Grandma.

So you can imagine my surprise when Luke tells Julie that I'm "elderly". WHAT???? I don't even qualify for a senior discount anywhere yet kid!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Up North

Well here we are up north. Me, Alec & Luke. We got here Monday afternoon. Yesterday morning we went in to town for groceries and stuff. While we were in the grocery store my phone rang and it was Steve, the boys' dad. Alec answered and played a "trick" on him ( HIS idea, not mine!). Here is the side of the conversation from my end.....

Alec: Dad, we lost Luke!

Alec: No! Seriously, we don't know where he is!

Me: NOT funny Alec, give me the phone!

Alec: We've looked every where for him dad!

At this point I took the phone from Alec.

Me: Hi Steve.

Steve: Hi. Julie is in the ER.

Me (thinking this is my payback for "losing" Luke): Seriously? You are joking, right?

Steve: I wish I was joking!

So anyways....long story short......and many phone calls later......Julie had appendicitis and had an appendectomy yesterday afternoon. Weird huh?? And she went home last night! Phew!!!

Yep, the summer is off with a bang!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

School's Out!!

YAY!! School is finally out for summer! Woohoo! The room is packed up (sort of), the graduates have moved on (kind of), and we are left wondering (as usual) what things will look like in the fall - in terms of staff and students. But for the next 74 days I don't really care much :~)
The first day of vacation I was up early and super busy all day.......(I have a really long to-do list planned for the summer). The second day I slept a little (lot) later and kept a little busy. By Friday - the third day - I rolled out of bed about 10 (what's the rush??).
I've been shopping (had to use that 30% off at Kohl's and visit the B&BW semi annual sale), went to the movies (the book was better!), went to a bonfire and ate way too many *s'nores*. Except for the dismal performance of the Red Wings, I'd say this summer is off to a fine start!
Tomorrow or the next day I am heading to Ludington with a couple of grandkids for a few days. I probably won't be sleeping late but I'm sure we'll be super busy doing stuff and that to-do list will be right where I left it for when I get home! I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Sick

I really hate when this happens......
Okay so about 2 weeks ago I decided that I would take a *sick day* before the end of school and I checked the calendar to make sure that I wouldn't miss anything important like graduation or the pizza party or the bowling banquet. So June 3rd looked like it would be the day. I mentioned it to my co-workers and that was that.
And then I really got sick......just a nasty cold/cough bug, but truly not feeling well. So it is noon and I am still in bed, drinking cold coffee and feeling sorry for myself.
This isn't the first time things have turned out like this. You'd think I would learn huh?

Oh well. Here are some pics from Memorial Day weekend. Tom & I went to Ludington and took Maggie with us because Nick & Chelsea had the same bug that I now have and they also had to work. She is a great baby - Maggie. She was content in the car, slept all night, happy during the day.....well except for the Amoxicillin....which she flat out refused. Twice a day we tried to squirt that pink goo in her tiny mouth and twice a day she spit it out completely!

She fell asleep each time we took her for a golf cart ride.

She was fascinated with bubbles, trying to catch them and then looking puzzled when they disappeared.

Not at all afraid of the racket Tom made while making a repair to the hallway floor. Actually slept through most of it.

She never even made a peep in the car until we were almost home. Here she is in the car looking at herself in the toy mirror.

Back to work tomorrow........only 4 school days until summer!!!! YAY!