Thursday, April 9, 2009

FLORIDA - Days 6 & 7

The boys were pretty wiped out after our day at Disney yesterday so we just hung out in our room and at the beach. The boys played with their guns & swords.......they are darling little swashbucklers! All they're missing are some wenches!
For dinner last night we gave them the choice of a couple restaurants and they chose Olive Garden. They seemed pretty happy to be eating the kind of food they know - as opposed to seafood. For some reason, every night in the middle of dinner, they both need to use the bathroom. It doesn't matter if they went right before we got there...they still need to go. This is the best part of having boys.....Tom gets to take them potty:~)
Today they actually slept in til 7:30......WOW! We took a "walk" after breakfast on the beach. Caleb is more of a meander-er than a walker so we didn't really get too far. He likes to stop and jump in the waves, look at the shells (Gwama look at THIS shell!).......mmmmm looks to me just like the hundred or so others he's shown me! The water was perfect for kids today....not too wavy and during low tide (how do you explain tides to kids???) there was a sand bar not too far out that they could play on. Later this afternoon Caleb fell asleep on a towel and Luke dug a really deep hole and Tom buried him in it. Here's a cute Luke funny -

Luke: Can Grandpa take me to the bar again?

Luke: The bar, you know! The SAND bar!

Me: Well duh.

Tonight we went out for barbecue at the Slow & Low. Caleb wasn't about to cooperate and get dressed so since I really don't care about stuff like that, I brushed the sand off his arms and legs, and he went out to eat in his bathing suit. Oh here is another (kind of ) funny.......after dinner the waiter brought the bill and commented on how his wife is expecting their second child and they will be 14 months apart and seeing our boys was enlightening. Tom told him that they were not our kids but our grandkids. The waiter looks straight at Tom and says to HIM "I never would believe that YOU are old enough to have grandkids."

Hellooooo think I am old enough!!??!! It was even more fun to mess with him and get him good & embarassed! Oh well we won't be back there again until next year.
So here is today in pictures.......
Is this not a gorgeous beach day?!

Luke & Tom digging a big hole to bury Luke in.

Caleb - too pooped to participate!

Look closely, Luke has a sand beard!

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