Monday, April 6, 2009


11:00 am

Well I think the lack of sleep is beginning to show, especially on Caleb. We've had about 2-3 tantrums already this morning and it is only 11:00. The funniest one was when his bathing suit got wet (Gasp!) and he ran in the room and locked the door. I guess you'd had to have been there to really appreciate the humor. I find that the things that my kids did that were sooo annoying are sooo funny when someone else's kids do them! Anyways, considering his temperamentalness (is that even a word?) this morning, I am not going to press him to change his clothes. Sorry Julie but he is wearing his camo shorts with his plaid "twin bother" shirt. VERY Chinese, but not worth a battle.

Caleb also wanted to take a movie of all the things in our room to show mommy & daddy. He even narrated it. However it is not going to be posted on this blog! Mommy & daddy can see it when we get home!

7:00 pm

So we went to the beach first thing this morning but it was pretty windy and starting to cloud over so after a fun water fight with their new squirt guns, we packed up and headed out on an adventure. We went to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge where we saw snakes, birds, alligators, a million little lizards, fish, and manatee. Then while they were still in reasonably good moods we went out for an early dinner. Still can't convince either of them to try seafood but they've both developed quite a taste for fritters!!

Looks like tomorrow will be a good day for probably no update until Wednesday. If these boys are like their siblings we'll be at the Magic Kingdom until it closes!

Here they are this morning with their new beach gear!

This is the water fight they had with Tom.......where Caleb got mad that his suit was wet!

Here we are at the wildlife refuge. Caleb took this picture - pretty good huh?? Thanks for the idea Carol!

This is Tom & the boys heading out on the nature trail where they found all the lizards.
This little video is Tom catching a lizard for the boys to see. They wanted to keep him and take him home! Seriously NOT!

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