Thursday, November 27, 2008


Whew! We made it through another Thanksgiving!We have so much to be thankful for this year - Family, friends, health, jobs, another new baby! Below is a photo of six of the grandbabies with the teddy bears that Great grandma gave each of them.

This next photo is the first we have of all seven grandbabies. You've no idea how difficult it is to get seven kids all posed and looking in approximately the same direction! This was the best we could do! Next time we'll take them to Penneys.

This is (or should I say was?) our turkey. It was 22#.

Over on the right is Maggie. She is 2 months old today! And she weighs 10#. That means our turkey was more than twice as big!

Monday, November 24, 2008


This is Maggie sucking her thumb. The other picture is her daddy Nicholas sucking his thumb. They are both about two months old in these photos. That seems to be the age for finding your thumb! It was inevitable that she would be a thumb sucker, I guess, since both daddy and mommy sucked their thumbs.
Anyways...she is the first of seven grandkids to be a thumb sucker. And I think it is stinking cute! Especially since I won't be the one refinancing the house to pay for her orthodontics! LOL

Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Pictures

Nothing exciting to report...thank goodness!!! So here are a couple of random pics.......
Top pic is the boys -- Nathan (27) and Nicholas (24). YIKES!!!
And this is Olivia (2 1/2) --- Christina's daughter. Which makes her our grand daughter, doesn't it??? She is #2 of the Joys. In case anyone didn't know this little bit of trivia....all 4 of our granddaughters have the same middle name....First there was Linnea Joy (8)
then Olivia Joy
then Selah Joy (1 1/2)
and then Maggie Joy (8 weeks)
I'll post the other girls pics later.....and the grandsons......who all have original middle names!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wal Mart

I pretty much hate Wal Mart. For many reasons. In fact the only time I go there is with students on our CBI (community based instruction) trips. The rest of the time I avoid Wal Mart like the plague. Who needs it?? We have a Target here in Hartland. And there is a Meijer on the way home from work. I'm all set. What more do I need???

But Saturday, after Target and Meijer both failed to have a few things that we needed, I went to Wal Mart. I actually found most of what I was looking for and some other items that we needed as well. So I went to the U-Scan lane and proceeded to scan and bag my items. I then prepared a check and took it to the cashier. Here is what happened there...
Cashier: I need your drivers license.
Me: I don't have it. What other ID can I show you?
Cashier: I need your drivers license.
Me: Well I still don't have it.
Cashier: Do you have a credit card?
Me: Yes but I am NOT charging a few groceries on a credit card!
Cashier: How about a debit card?
Me: Okay.
He swipes the card, I enter the pin and it is rejected. Twice. He actually hands me a little rejection slip just to make his point I think!!
At this point we are in a standoff. I have walked around that over heated store three times collecting this stuff and no way am I leaving it there without it. Not yet!
Cashier: How about a credit card?
Me: Okay...whatever!
I hand him the card.....and this next part is completely true....he wasn't kidding either......
Cashier: I need your drivers license.


At this point I ask you - what choice did I have? I unloaded 4 bags of stuff from my cart onto the cashier stand and walked out of that store!

Christina's New Car

This is daughter Christina and her new car. She loves her new car. With a car like that it will be hard to be inconspicuous! So if you see her on the road.....and you will see her if you live in this area......make sure to give her a wave and a toot!!
This car will have a special parking place at our house. Behind the trees!!LOL

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Tree

This tree lives in my front yard. It is small and misshapen and looks completely ordinary all year. No - it is less than ordinary. It is scrawny and it's branches hang over the walkway. And every spring Tom tries to convince me that it needs to go. And every spring I inform him that the tree stays. Here is the reason why - because for a few short days every fall this tree turns brilliantly red. It practically glows. Come on! Isn't that reason enough to keep it??

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again??!!

This is me in line waiting to vote yesterday. I found this picture at Livingston Daily online. Weird huh?

Oh thank goodness! We have elected Barry Obama! Things are sure to get better now! I expect to see plenty of high paying jobs return to Michigan. Unemployment rates will fall ....we in Michigan will no longer have the distinction of having the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Home values will soar. Car sales will soar! Consumer confidence will be restored! Credit will be available to all. No more foreclosures! Families can return to their homes. With plenty of jobs there will be no more worries about a recession/depression!
Troops will return from Iraq. The war will not end. But never mind that! Because marijuana is now legal and experimentation can begin with human embryos. We won't have time to worry about the war! And this is only the beginning!!
In your dreams!