Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are You Kidding Me??

Isn't it weird how days and days and days can go by and nothing interesting happens? And then all of a sudden it's one thing after another. Yeah well that's how it has been here for the last week or two. So here is my one thing after another....

The teacher we've worked with all year is informed one day, a week or so ago, that her last day will be the next week. Hello? We have only six weeks of school left, our students are special needs young adults, mostly autistic and this will be the THIRD teacher this year! Is anyone paying attention in administration?????

Tom is notified this week that his company is *re-structuring* and while I'm not at liberty to discuss the details, you all pretty much know what that means. Thank goodness we went to Florida when we did!

At least things are going well at the new house. Painting is coming along, the storage unit that they'd been using has been unloaded into the garage so most of their stuff is at the house now. Plumbing issues seem to have been resolved (knock on wood!), drywall has been delivered, etc....

Selah turned 2 and Maggie turned 7 months - both on Monday. Time flies!

Today a funny thing happened on the way to swim in Hartland. Not funny in a hahaha way but funny in a strange are you kidding me kind of way. We took a bus, but not a school bus. On the way we were on a dirt road that was being graded by a very large yellow road grader. It was going very slowly so the bus decided to pass the grader. The driver didn't realize how soft the side of the road was and the bus slid right off the road and into the ditch. I was annoyed more than anything else until the driver asked us all to move very slowly to one side of the bus. Hmmmm...... That was when I realized that she was afraid the bus was going to roll over. About this time I decided that we were going to get off the bus. Quickly. So we got off and sat in the grass and waited for the tow truck to come. One of the students was only interested in getting to the pool, completely oblivious to the situation. Another student was enthralled with the abrupt change in plans, sitting in the grass, looking at the goats in the yard across the street, watching the cars go by (probably laughing at us and our predicament :~). But the third student was very upset and fretful, unable to sit, or stop fidgeting. Interesting afternoon to say the least! We did finally make it to the pool where they swam for about 20 minutes before the bus came back to return us to school. Without incident thankfully!

I am so glad I don't have a boring office job!

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Are you kidding me? Seriously?!