Thursday, July 23, 2009


You may be wondering why 2 posts in 2 days?? Well that would be because I am just too ticked off to go back to sleep!
There's one thing you can count on at our house and that is this - don't make plans without a contingency clause because invariably something will happen to ruin your original plans. Case in point:
It all started last night when Tom was complaining that my late night hours were keeping him from getting a restful sleep. So out of *consideration* for him I took a couple of Simply Sleeps and fell into a peaceful coma.....only to be awakened by him at about 5 am trying to have a conversation with me. Seriously?? I was still way foggy and in no shape for conversation. So I guess he got up, made coffee, let the dogs out, read the paper, or whatever. I don't really know what he did but I know that something woke me from slumber shortly before 6. What was it?? It smelled sooo bad. I'd smelled that smell before but couldn't place it so early and still so fuzzy brained. Suddenly I remembered it and sat up in horror! Not again! Not today! I have (now had) other plans! CRAP! Skunked again. Stupid dogs!
These are not my dogs, just some pics I pulled from the internet. But they could be my dogs. And if they were, here's what they'd be saying.
"Hurry up and finish eating so we can go play!"
And "I'll let you sniff mine if you let me sniff yours."This is NOT how I wanted to spend one of the remaing 35 days of summer break!! I guess Harry Potter will have to wait! And Joann's. And........AUGGHH!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Halfway Over

I can't believe the summer is halfway over already!! We've used up more than half of our 74 days! Six weeks ago yesterday was the last day of school and five weeks from tomorrow we go back! AUGH. How come summer days are so short compared to all the rest of the days in the year??
So I guess I better get busy and cram in some fun in the next 36 days, huh??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Picture Day!

Some of the girls took all the grandkids in for pictures this morning. Unfortunately I had another appointment so was unable to accompany them. But as you can clearly see, they did an awesome job on their own!

Here are all the girls - Linnea - 9, Olivia - 3, Selah - 2, Maggie - 9 months.

Here they ALL are!! Alec - 10, Luke - 6, Caleb - 4.

Another shot of them all....this time at the "beach"!

Okay, if you know Selah at all you will know why this picture is my absolute favorite!!

See what I mean??? And if you don't know her, you wouldn't understand!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Washing Machine

We got a new washing machine last night. It seems that the kids thought it would be okay to stuff a comforter in the old machine. Seriously?? If you have to sit on the lid to close the machine, it seems you'd know that the load was too large. But I guess not.
The old machine was a top loader and I did learn last night, at the appliance store, that you actually do stuff a front maybe they were just *confused* at the difference between "top" & "front". Anyways we got another top loader to avoid confusion - and because our old machine was covered on an extended warranty and therefore replaced at no charge to us. (Which is the first time that has ever worked out for us!!) So we purchased another 5 year extended warranty and figured by then the kids would be long gone and we could buy the machine of my dreams without fear of another comforter or something being stuffed into it!
So I am off to catch up on laundry, housework and pack for the weekend!! YAY!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well here we are at the end of week three of summer vacation. Not counting the half week that started break. Yep, only 56 days until we go back. CRAP!

So the first week I took 2 grandsons up north - see earlier blog. The next week I worked at school but in a different classroom (our class doesn't run through the summer) during the day and then at church 3 nights for our General Assembly.

Now here we are already at the end of week 3!! And here are the pictures of the week.

This is a photo of my kitchen sink. Grandson Luke got a hold of my camera the other night when he was over. This is really about the only picture suitable for this blog. It is actually the only pic that is in focus. The scary thing is that we were all oblivious to him walking around taking dozens of pictures! Pics of armpits, butts, computer keyboards, closeups of ears, eyes....... You know, all those things that are funny to a 6 year old! Aren't digital cameras awesome? Imagine my surprise had I taken in a roll of film and then seen all those silly pics!?

This was taken last weekend in Ludington at Lake Michigan where we had a nice quiet weekend. Just Tom & I. No kids, no grandkids, no dogs.

This is a house we drove by in Ludington and then had to back up and look more closely......I guess they have a little cottonwood problem there huh? But it totally works for Christmas in July, don't you think??
So then today was another rainy cold day and I'd had about enough of cleaning and organizing and other not-fun-stuff so I went to the movies and saw The Proposal. It was pretty funny! Totally better than more cleaning!
Here's one thing I know - next week will be mostly warm and sunny. How do I know this???
I know this because next week I work! Duh.
BUT --- the best thing that happened this week was that I found a dress for the wedding!!! YAY! Now all I need to find are some shoes! Maybe a trip to Chicago is called for?