Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well our week in Florida is over :~( We had a busy day today though! After breakfast we headed for the St. Johns River and an airboat ride. The boys enjoyed it, saw a lot of alligators, (one that was 12 feet long and about 500 lbs!) birds, a bald eagle, some cattle, an Indian burial mound and more! After the ride they had a chance to hold a baby alligator - neither of them did, but I did and it was a little strange. It felt different than I thought it would.

This a picture of a boat like the one we went on.

Here's Luke......everyone had to wear these ear muffs and they had microphones so we all could hear the driver and each other.

The boys had fun talking into their microphones! And we all had fun listening to their comments!

Caleb wanted a picture with the alligator but didn't want to touch it. It was 2 1/2 years old and named "Hollywood".

Like I said, it felt very weird....not what I expected. Can you see that there is a rubber band around it's mouth??? That didn't really make me feel super safe!!!

This was taken in the Enchanted Forest Nature Sanctuary. The vegetation here is so different from Michigan!
Luke wanted to take a picture.....He did a pretty good job! LOL (Thanks Carol!)

Tonight after dinner we took them to a little park where they have this water fountain that you can play in. It was 92 so I knew they'd have fun cooling off. Luke couldn't get enough!

Caleb, on the other hand......I think he is missing home!


Schultz Family said...

We miss you, babies! Um, and I don't see a life jacket on Luke in the boat. hmmmm

April said...

I love these pictures! And I do know mama misses Caleb just as much as he misses her...and Luke, too, of course! :)

Have a safe trip home!!!