Saturday, April 4, 2009

Florida-Luke & Caleb Meet the Ocean!

Well, we made it!! It wasn't as much "fun" as yesterday......they were pretty much done being in the car - me too! We visited about 15 restrooms, Caleb skinned his knees falling at a rest area, we ate at McD's twice (YUCK!) and now here we are!!! The boys couldn't wait to get to the beach and since our hotel is on the beach we headed down there first thing! The water was warm and the sun wasn't too hot. Now they are crashed on the bed watching "Survivorman" with Tom. I think it's going to be a guy things kind of week. Oh well! (At least there is no chance of snow here!)

Here are Caleb's skinned knees.....notice that there are straws in his socks?!

Here they are helping to unload the car.....

Luke at the ocean.....
Luke & Caleb playing in the waves and a cute little video of them playing in the water!

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Cindy said...

Looks like they're having a great time! Wish I was there, especially tomorrow! Have a great week, and I'll try and keep Julie calm!