Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cute Ears

Luke - age 3 years
So we've been home from Florida for a week now. The new house has running hot & cold water and a new roof and a new water heater and should be ready to move into very soon! Other than that life has been pretty ordinary. Maybe I should say that it just isn't as exciting as it was with the boys in Florida. Not that it's a bad thing!
But there was one funny thing........the other night the kids were all over and we were looking at all the pictures from Florida and I was telling Julie some of the stuff we did and some of the funny things the boys said like this "grandma why are you fat?" Julie was kind of irritated that they would ask something like that when Luke, who had apparently been listening to the conversation said this......."Well at least you have cute ears and curls." Well thank goodness for that!

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