Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have never been to a Walmart that I liked and so I avoid going there if at all possible. Today I had to go there to pick up a prescription for my mom. A prescription that was called in at noon. I waited in line 20 minutes to be informed that it wasn't ready yet. Are you serious?? Are they so inadequately staffed that it takes more than 4 hours to put 30 little pills in a bottle??? (Sorry Kathy - I'm sure you would've had the job done in a flash!) Anyways I had to wait 20 more minutes - at Walmart. Why don't all these people go to CVS or Meijer where you don't even have to get out of your car?? and the prescriptions are ready when promised???
So there is absolutely nothing to do at Walmart for 20 minutes except people watch and it is a great place for that! I think every rude person in the county passes through the doors of Walmart on a regular basis - both as customer and employee! I must've missed the sign that said "chuck your manners - if you have any - at the door". I wonder if rudeness is also a requirement for employment?? Because evidently education is not required! Embarrassing! Plus, the store was hot - always a bad thing for me - and it smelled bad. As if that isn't enough every single self serve check out was broken. Come on! I briefly considered shoplifting my half empty bottle of water since paying for it wasn't going to be a quick and easy transaction. Why did I expect more?? Yikes!
I couldn't get out of there and into my car and Purell my hands fast enough!!!

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