Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I never really thought I was missing anything by not having a sister. Sure there were times that I thought it might be a good idea but then something would always change my mind. Example - I never had hand me downs, usually got to bring a friend on vacations, never had to wait my turn for the bathroom or the phone, never had to share a room; well with only a brother I never had to share anything! There were plenty of benefits to being the only daughter, for sure! Besides, it's not like I can do anything about it now anyways! With my mom nearing her 80th birthday it is, more like impossible, that I'd ever have a biological sister. So each year I take a little trip with my pretend sisters, Judy & Cindy! We just came back from our annual trip yesterday. We stayed in this little cabin in Davison. We ate, crocheted, took a walk, ate, stayed up late, watched girly movies and the rest falls under the category of "what happens in Davison stays in Davison"!
Like me, Judy doesn't have any sisters. Cindy, on the other hand, has about 15 sisters! They all look alike which is to say that they look like their mom. I'm always jealous of all those sisters...they seem to have so much fun and stuff. Even though none of them lives nearby they are always getting together or facebooking each other, they even meet for group haircuts!
Anyways, for a couple days each year I like to pretend that I have two sisters! So here we are before taking a walk - Judy made us take a walk with her!

Here is the cabin we stayed in...isn't it so cozy?? We'll probably go back there next February and I can get my "sister fix" again!
I was just remembering that quite often when Julie (my daughter - 20 years younger than me) & I are out somewhere people frequently ask if we are sisters. Seriously! A good question from my viewpoint......not so good for Julie! I always smile and answer "yes"! Sorry Julie...maybe if I had a real sister.....


Julie said...

I am surprised you didn't mention the "are you sisters?" question people ask us when we are together. Do I look 50 years old?!

Child of God Sister said...

I get the same question when I'm with my Mom, I used to be upset by it, now, I think it's a compliment.
It's nice having 'sisters' close by too!