Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Okay - it's Valentines Day so enough about Walmart and hospitals and Kawasaki disease - today's entry is about the "little girls" Olivia (almost 3), Selah (almost 2) and Maggie (4 months). Total fluff! Enjoy!
This is Olivia having her nails polished by her mommy the other day. A lovely shade of lilac, yes?

Here she is blowing on her nails to "cool them off"!!!

Here is Lukie - recovering from Kawasaki disease - feeding little Maggie. So serious!

This next sequence is kinda cute.
All I'm trying to do here is get Selah to smile with her eyes open.
OOPS....Maggie is spitting up ("spilling" in Selah-speak) but Selah dosen't notice yet......

UH-OH! Looks like Maggie "spilled"!

Don't worry - Selah knows just what to do with a baby wipe!

Checking..... There! That's much better!

Oh yeah, Grandma was trying to get me to smile with my eyes open!! Maybe next time!!
Happy Valentine's Day everybuddy!!!

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Julie said...

Selah loves her "Mannie". They are going to be best friends!!