Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

I don't think you can call it "babysitting" when you watch your own grandkids any more than you call it "babysitting" when one parent watches his/her own kids. Can you? Never mind. But on Saturday we babysat 4 of Julie & Steve's 5 kids for about 4 hours or so. This was the first time that we've had Selah that she hasn't screamed and cried the entire time. And - Linnea wasn't here! We're making took Luke and Caleb a lot longer to get to the place where they could be left without major drama. Anyways, they were funny and cute and sassy (you know which one that was!) and best of all, they all fell asleep by 9 pm!!
Here are some of the pictures I took that night.
This is Selah sitting beside Uncle Nick, looking a little worried.
Here she is again eating lasagna off her hand, with Uncle Nick looking a little worried!
Here she is really getting brave and asking him to blow on her food to cool it off!
Here are the dancers - Caleb is taking his turn in the princess shoes. Stunning with the bones pjs!
The boys are all almost asleep here and Selah is walking from one end of the couch to the other trying her best to find one of them to stay awake with her.
It was only a minute later that Caleb & Luke gave in to sleep.

So she crawled on top of Alec and this is where they stayed until Julie & Steve came to get them!

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Cindy said...

Priceless pictures! I love the blanket, did you make it Gramma Sheryl? Selah is getting to be such a big girl!