Saturday, February 21, 2009


What a rip-off that "snowstorm" was! We maybe got 2 inches! I hope this winter doesn't fizzle out so soon like last winter did. Come on, don't hate me just because I like winter - you know it'll be weeks before the weather warms and the tulips start popping and stuff, so relax and enjoy the last of this beautiful winter weather! Top photo was about 11 am before it started snowing. Below was taken about 5 pm just after it stopped. See how much prettier it is with snow???Without the snow it would be brown and boring and ugly:~)

Speaking of ugly, I have really ugly wallpaper in my bathroom. Really really ugly. It has been there since we moved in about 12 years ago so obviously I've come to terms with its ugliness. But recently, while I've been in the bathroom, I've noticed that some of the edges and seams are coming away from the wall; practically begging me to rip them from the wall. So little by little I have been pulling away little strips and chunks of ugly wallpaper. I don't put these scraps in the garbage - oh no! I carry them out in my pockets - like a prisoner who digs himself out of his cell and stuffs the dirt in his shoes. It's not because I feel bad or guilty or anything. It's because once Tom notices it (and I do wonder how much longer he can NOT notice it!) he will want to finish the job and that means finish it right then, no matter what. I prefer to take my time, peeling away tiny strips, sometimes with tweezers and always right after a shower when the humidity does its magic. And that way maybe in another 12 years or so, I'll be ready to re-paper or paint!

And here is baby Maggie in her new hat that a friend from work made for her. Cute???

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Julie said...

nice wallpaper! we could rip it down and paint it in a day!