Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Almost Always Not Good News.......

These are the hospitals that we've recently visited with Luke and/or my mom. Top picture is University Hospital in Ann Arbor. Jan.23, 2009
St. Joseph Mercy Livingston. February 8, 2009.

St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor. January 18 and February 8-9, 2009. Plus a couple of more visits for Luke, the dates I don't remember.
Children's Hospital Detroit. January 24-27 & February 7-8, 2009.

It's almost always not good news when the phone rings in the middle of the night. But my phone didn't ring in the middle of the rang about 5 PM Saturday afternoon, just as Tom & I were getting ready to run some errands and get some dinner. It was Julie calling to say that they were on the way back to Children's Hospital with Luke because he was having severe abdominal pain. What?? They had just left here about 4:30! So we headed down to Northville to pick up some of the kids. They were excited at the thought of a sleepover at Grandma's. (Woohoo! Yipee!) I was having a flashback to a very similar situation two short weeks ago. But everything was fine......they played Wii and watched TV and stayed up way too late:~) Really really late.
Sunday morning I heard them on the stairs bright and early. Tom got up with them and made us coffee. (That I later, much later, learned had been decaf!! wonder I was in a fog all day!!) It was then that the phone rang again - Julie reporting on Luke who'd been admitted to Children's. Again. During that call my call waiting beeped in with a call from my mom & dad's number. My dad was calling to let me know that my mom had fallen, was unconscious and he was waiting for EMS to arrive. Yikes! I was supposed to shave off Alec's mohawk before church!! (See Julie's blog for that story!) I hurried over to St. Joe's in Howell where she'd been taken. Anyways, long story short....she bumped her head pretty good, ended up being taken to Ann Arbor where she was evaluated by the neurosurgery team, spent the night in observation and was released today.
Tonight when I go to bed I am taking the phone off the hook!


SuzySchool said...

Sheryl...write a book!!

Julie said...

What? There will be no taking phones off the hook! What kind of mother are you?

Michelle said...

Does the chaos ever stop for you??