Thursday, February 5, 2009

Florida 2006

In 57 days we leave for Florida!!! This year we will be taking our 6 year old grandson, Luke. In 2004 we took Alec who was 5 at the time. Unfortunately we did not have a digital camera when we took Alec so the photos from that trip are somewhere???? In 2006 we took Linnea who was 6 at the time. We had so much fun on both of those trips and are looking forward to taking Luke this year!
Here is Linnea as we arrived in Florida. She was a wonderful traveler who loved the smell (?) of Atlanta - we were in rush hour traffic and there was a game at the ball field and it was hot and smelled like fumes and exhaust and she proclaimed that "this was the best day of my life!"
She LOVED the beach and unlike Alec was not in the least bothered by the taste of sea water! That is her in the photo above.
There were stingrays all over that year and not even the rays could stop Linnea!
She loves to roll in the sand just like her mom used to do!
But she didn't like the feel of sand in her suit when she was done at the beach
And what trip to Florida is complete without a trip to Disney World???She was excited by the ride from the parking lot into the park on the tram! We could've told her that was it and she would've been happy!Of course we chose the hottest day of the week to go! And after she and I had stood on a line for more than an hour and once she'd had a better look at this particular ride she informed me that she'd changed her mind about going on the ride. Oh no - we ARE going on this ride Linnea. Here she is as we are getting ready to exit the ride, completely soaked - and so proud of herself for doing it!!

Here she is before we even left the parking lot! We stayed at Disney from the time the gates opened until the last firework had been launched....we went to the afternoon parade (don't remember what they call it), the Spectral Magic parade at about 10 PM, we saw the fireworks, rode just about every ride in the park, stood in various lines for about half the day, had pictures taken with dozens of characters, and walked about 52 miles around the park! We had so much fun!

I can't wait to go back with another grandbaby!


April said...

Let me be the first to request pictures of Julie rolling around in the sand. I'd also like to offer the use of my scanner if needed :)

Julie said...

Don't listen to April. There will be no sharing of Julie pics on the internet!