Sunday, March 1, 2009


In our family we have a LOT of birthdays in March! I guess June must be the month of love :~) Anyways, there are 3 birthdays the first week, and 2 the last week, with assorted birthdays in between. Today was Linnea's 9th birthday! WOW! We celebrated with her this afternoon and so here are some of the pictures.....

Here are Julie's 5 kids and Nick's little one.

Here is my Dad (who will also have a birthday this month!) looking at something with Caleb.

Here is the birthday girl getting ready to open her presents.

And this is a video of Caleb describing how to put out the fire on the candles. "I lick my fingers....I touch it...and it glows out..." We're going to need him and all the others on Saturday when my mom turns 80.......there's gonna be a LOT of candles!!!

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Julie said...

I think we've watched Caleb's videa 0996698587798 times now! He learned that trick from the movie Fireproof. Have you watched it yet?