Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Barbie

The whole thing with Barbie started a few weeks ago when she turned 50. I used this image of her as my Facebook profile for a few days (isn't the resemblance remarkable??) and then I wrote a birthday tribute to her on this blog and reminisced about my childhood without mom thought she was trashy and had big boobs so no Barbie for me.

Anyways, then Susan sent me some pictures of this Barbie cake - yes, this Barbie is chocolate cake! For real! It would be really weird to cut her up and eat her but whatever! So it got me to thinking of the time when Julie was little, probably about 3, and my grandma made her and my little cousin Barbie cakes.

Here is my grandma, my cousin Shannon and Julie with their Barbie cakes. Julie is the girl in the front with the orange Barbie cake. You'll see better in the next picture where she dives in face first to eat her!!

Yep! That's my girl......the Barbie carnivore!! Notice how Shannon is gently stroking Barbie's hair while Julie is eating her Barbie. Her kids are SO like her!!!!!

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