Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Birthday!

Tomorrow is Barbie's 50th birthday. Yikes!!! So here is some Barbie trivia.....
  • Full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts - named after her creator's daughter.
  • Attended Willows High School but graduated from Manhattan International High.
  • Barbie has owned more than 40 pets including a lion cub, a zebra and a panda.
  • The first Barbie cost $3. The most expensive Barbie to sell on ebay sold for $7,999.99 and a 1959 mint condition Barbie would sell for $27,450.
  • Has more than 1 billion pairs of shoes. (Yeah!)
  • There have been NASCAR Barbies, astronaut Barbies, Malibu Barbies Doctor Barbies and teacher Barbies (who were recalled for not wearing panties....hmmm.)

Lest you think I know this stuff because I'm a Barbie fan, let me set the record straight......I got all these useless facts from today's Free Press.....I was not allowed to play with Barbie when I was a kid - my mom thought they were unrealistic and trashy. But don't worry, all my friends had Barbies and I played with them at my friends houses!! And my girls all had Barbies - LOTS of them!

So besides brushing up on Barbie trivia and taking a long nap what else is there to do on a rainy afternoon after losing an hour to daylight savings time? Go to the movies of course! I actually woke Tom up to go with me. It was my turn to choose and as you can see I chose "New in Town". It was cute....I don't think they missed a single up north stereotype and it was predictable but I enjoyed it anyways. Best part? It was still light outside at 7:30 when we got out of the theater!! Yay for daylight savings time!

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