Saturday, March 28, 2009

Six Days Until Florida

Well, we did it.....we closed on the house this morning! We were supposed to close next Monday but the realtor has already received the sellers packet and the bank has the money so.....we met today and sealed the deal! Yay! Tom has been down there all day. First he went there to make a list of things he needed from the hardware and then he came back and worked on stuff all afternoon. That is fabulous but - he is looking for an exact match of floor tile color and style to put down behind the refrigerator! My kitchen floor has holes in it and he is looking for tile to put behind the fridge!!! There's more, lots more, but I'll spare you the details.

Tonight we have Julie & Steve's kids. They are pretty dinner Caleb stands up in his chair, grabs his crotch and says something about his "tenders". None of the other kids even pay attention. So I asked him "tenders??" He smiles, the smile only Caleb can smile, and says "yeah Grandma, tenders like Captain Rex." (Whoever that is DUH.) This is where Alec chimes in with "Yeah Grandma tenders are nuts." I KNEW THAT!

Fifteen minutes after dinner Caleb informs me that he is hungry. This is the kid that doesn't eat so I know that he has a plan. Sure enough.......he found a leftover candy cane and that is what he was "hungry" for. And he is smart enough to know that if he took it into the family room where the other kids were, he'd probably have to share so he sat quietly in the dark in the dining room and ate his candy cane! Pretty smart kid, I'd say.

Currently he is campaigning to go to Florida with us and his brother Luke. I don't think that sounds like a bad idea.......they could go on the Teacups and the Flying Dumbo and Space Mountain with each other!!!! Well, maybe not Space Mountain but still that would mean that Tom & I didn't have to go on all those twirly rides at Disney!! And they could bury each other in the sand on the beach! It's brilliant! Yeah, I'm liking the idea better and better.

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Schultz Family said...

Caleb is all packed! And....people are going to think my kids are crazy! You try having 3 boys--things get pretty weird.