Friday, August 22, 2008

Where Did The Summer Go??

(This is a picture from last September when one day two students happened to be wearing the same color scheme as me. Notice my "smile".)
Today is my last day of summer vacation. Yep, I also get the weekend but that doesn't really count because I get the weekends off all the time. So today is it. This was the fastest 11 weeks ever. (Since last summer!) These same 11 weeks would take a lot longer during the school year.

It was a weird summer. I spent considerably more time at home this summer. I kinda liked it. Especially since 5 of those weeks were spent in an empty nest!!! It was awesome. Whenever I left and came back everything was exactly where I left it, our grocery bill was minimal, we could park on the driveway and the house was actually quiet and dark at night - I could go on and on and on but you get the idea!

We also had the house sided. That, after the new landscaping a couple years ago, and the new roof last year, completes the major outside remodel. Now the real remodel begins!! As soon as the township grants approval we begin "the addition" - where we add about 8 feet across the back of the house to expand the kitchen and dining room. At the same time we are expecting an addition to the family. Nicholas and Chelsea's baby girl is set to be born the middle of September and will all live here with us for a while. More on these additions in another post.

Now it's time for another school year - this is actually the first time since 1980!! that I haven't sent a kid off to school!!! This year I am the only one going back. And I am SO ready!!! Besides, there are only 291 days until the last day of school next year!! LOL

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