Monday, August 18, 2008

Brother & Sister circa 1961

Well summer is winding down - for me anyways! Next Monday at this time I should be sitting in a stuffy auditorium listening to our top administrators expound on the wonderfulness of our agency and inform us of all the fabulous plans they have for this school year. Yippee. We've heard the same things each and every year and you know what??? Not much really ever changes. Most of them will never actually set foot in a classroom - which is okay with me anyways!
So what does any of that have to do with this post?? Not much. I found these cute photos on the way to looking for something else and rather than just stuff them away again I thought I would use them in a blog. So here we and my little brother, Greg. That summer of 1961 I would have been 6 and he would have been 4. That summer my mom would have been making plans for me to start first grade - gone all day!!! I remember my first lunch box - it was red plastic and plaid. It had a matching thermos and no matter how cool that little lunch toting combo was the milk always tasted crappy and the box itself always smelled like something that made you not want to eat what was in it! The funny thing is that I thought staying for lunch meant that once lunch was over we got to go home. I was seriously surprised - not in a good way either - when that didn't happen!!! One day that lunch box met its demise when someone, probably my mom, turned on the burner on the stove right where that little red plaid plastic box was sitting. I'll never forget the smell of that bag melting to oblivion or the way the stench lingered in the house!!
Greg probably didn't get a new lunch box that year but he would be staying home and enjoying one more year before he started kindergarten.

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