Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Night Julie & Steve Went Out.....


Tom & I had the 3 oldest grand kids the other night. Julie & Steve dropped them off at about 5:15. Linnea had to be in Brighton to get signed up for ballet between 5 and 8 and Alec had to be to football practice in Howell by 7. Somewhere in that time frame we needed to eat dinner. So we all piled in the car and took off. I took Linnea to sign up for ballet and get her her new leotard while Tom took the boys to the car wash. Then we all headed to McD's for some food. We had to eat in the car to be on time for football. (Three little kids eating fast food in my car while driving is a major stress to me.) Anyways we made it to football even though the kids all thought we were going the wrong way!! A bunch of little boys playing football is a pretty funny thing to watch!! A lot of them looked as if they'd be better suited to Linnie's ballet class! After that we stopped by the DQ before coming home. We got home around 9:30 and then they all wanted to play Wii with Nicholas and Nathan. Even though there is like a 15-20 year age difference between my boys and the grand kids they can and do fight like siblings. So when I'd had enough I headed up stairs. Luke came up to see me a short time later and wanted to watch a movie. It was now 11:15. There were no appropriate movies upstairs so I sent him down to look for a movie in the family room. He came back up with "Shrek the Third" and the other two kids who all piled on my bed and we popped in the movie. Here's the conversation I had with Luke -

Me: Is this movie okay with mommy?

Luke: No but it's not a spanking it's only a time out.

Right before I fell asleep I "laughed off my head"!

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