Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lizard on the Loose!!!

There is a lizard - a gecko really - but whatever it is it is missing!!! At about 2:30 this morning we were awakened by one of the kids asking if we'd been in his room or seen his "pet"! Now how are we supposed to get back to sleep after that?? Dreaming that your toes are being bitten by this missing lizard?!?? Thinking that the dogs are maybe "playing " with it and that you'll find bits of it scattered all over???? One good thing is that I don't do barefoot - it's a sensory thing - but thank goodness it isn't likely to be biting at my toes!! It's a little bit creepy knowing that at any time I could open a cupboard, drawer, or door and find it staring at me. And it is really really fast too! Not that I would chase it or try to catch it anyways but even if I did see it by the time I grabbed something to smack it with it would be looong gone.
I think we'll find it tonight. While we have about 14 people over celebrating Alec's birthday ( I have been a grandma now for ten years!!). I'm hopeful, but not in a good way, that at some point during the festivities this lizard will make an appearance. I'm going to be ready.......
We lost a little lizard once before. It belonged to Julie and met it's demise under the wheels of the portable dishwasher. Maybe that's where I should look now?

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