Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brothers and Sisters

Whew!! It has been a busy couple of weeks! Tom & I got home from our vacation on a Sunday and I took 2 grandsons back up north a day and a half later. We were there about 5 days and came back home where I stayed a day or two and then headed back up with two more grandkids for another 5 days. We had a lot of fun.....many trips to the pool, a lot of golf cart rides (Luke & Linnie are BIG fans of driving through the woods although we didn't see much wildlife.....I think we were a little too loud!), we spent a few afternoons (and one night - it's still light up there at 9:30!) on the beach where Lake Michigan was actually warm(ish), we logged several trips to the DQ and House of Flavors, we spent time at the playground, we went blueberry picking, went to Friday Night Live - both weeks, lost Caleb there briefly...sorry Julie! and I can't remember everything we did!
It's funny how the kids all beg to go blueberry picking and then when we get there, after about 5 minutes they are asking if we are done yet. But I'll tell you this - Alec and Luke are picking machines! They were awesome! Caleb was always looking for the "mother lode" and keeping us entertained with his chatter. Linnie was trying to set the record for most blueberries eaten in a day!! I think she ate a pail full!!
One thing I noticed these past two weeks is that either I am getting used to the "Schultz dialect" or they are not using it as much!?! There were only a couple of instances - "wackaroni" "I laughed off my head" and a few others that I don't recall. There were some funny conversations as well.
Me: (In the car driving) "Luke, settle down!"
Luke: "You slow down. You're the one driving!"
At the DQ...where Caleb ordered a cone dipped in cherry with sprinkles...
Caleb: "Grandma is this a baby?"
Me: "No."
Caleb: (smiling broadly) "I'm in heaven!"
Or this the car.... going around a corner....
Alec: "Caleb! You forgot to put the lid on the popcorn!"
You just know what the backseat now looks like, don't you?
My favorite...
Me: "Alec do you need help tying your shoe?"
Alec: "No, mom says I have to do it myself because you can't bend down anymore."
Seriously!??! I laughed off my head!!!

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