Friday, August 29, 2008

Dixie's Destruction

I was only gone 45 minutes. I had my whole day planned out. Take my dogs to the kennel, run to Kohl's, Bath & Body Works and then maybe head over to the outlet mall. Come home and pack and tidy things up. I figured by then Tom would be just getting home from work and we'd be ready to leave for the weekend. But no...that's not quite the reality. What you see above is the reality. I had just left Murphy and Cadi off at the kennel and was on my way to the above mentioned places when Nicholas called to inform me that Dixie (Nathan's dog) had pooped on the floor. Okay, kinda gross but I could deal with that. But then Nicholas told me that she had eaten the living room sofa, Tom's crocs, a pair of Nathan's shoes, one of my Keens (that she actually took off the top of the dryer where I'd left them after I washed them yesterday!!!), one of Tom's sneakers...... So now I am sitting here at home dog sitting because evidently Dixie cannot be left home alone without my dogs being here. I am cranky! Not just because of the destruction - that I am leaving for Nathan to clean up (except the poop) but becasue I'm stuck here with a dog that is not mine and I can't leave my house!
And in case that is not enough - the lizard is loose AGAIN!!!!

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