Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maggie's 1st Birthday

Today was a busy day. was a busy weekend! Anyways this morning Maggie was baptized and we went straight home from church to celebrate her 1st birthday which was also today. Whew! Big day for a little girl!
Here she is just before digging (literally) into her little cake.

And here she is licking cake off her hands. The other little kids were fascinated by the mess and the fact that the grownups were actually cheering her on to make an even bigger mess!

Needless to say,she really made a mess of herself. I can't tell you how happy I was that the weather cooperated and we were able to be outside!! (BIG understatement for soo many reasons!) And....we were able to power wash the high chair before bringing it back inside! (Big smile!)

Here are the papparazzi - I mean family - taking photos of the event. I don't think I could eat with that many people watching me and taking pictures. Maybe I could....but I'm just saying.....
And here she is last year on the day she was born. Do I hear some "awww"s??

And this concludes the year of Nick, Chelsea & Maggie!