Monday, October 5, 2009

The Flu Shot

I went to see the Dr. last week. It was just a check up. The nurse came in the room to weigh me and check my BP and pulse and stuff. During the weigh in I noticed that the little balance bar needle thing wasn't balancing in the middle it was just resting on the bottom. (Does that even make sense?) Anyways she took my BP and it was surprisingly lower than my usual. Then she was unable to find a pulse. Strange. A little later the regular nurse came in to re-check my BP and came up with my usual reading. Hmmmm.... Then she asked if I was really taking 3 of a prescription drug every day. What??? The first nurse never even asked what drugs I was taking! Yeah, doesn't really inspire confidence does it?? So after my visit with the Dr. the first nurse came back to give me the flu shot.
Here was the conversation-
The whole time I was holding my arm so she couldn't give the shot until I was ready.
Me: So you're a student.
Nurse: Yep. Doing my externship here. For 4 weeks. No pay.
Me: So maybe you'll get hired?
(Please say no, please say no...)
Nurse: Nope they hired someone else.
(First reaction was thank goodness - then uh-oh.....)
Me: Does the vaccine come ready to use?
Nurse: Nope. I drew it up myself.
(BIG uh-oh...could be full of tiny air bubbles or might not even be the flu shot! Could be fertility drugs or worse! Get a grip woman!)
She sticks me once....
Me: So do you get much practice at giving shots?
She sticks me again, this time for real.....
Nurse: Oh yeah, I've been doing this for a loong time, probably 2 weeks now.
Oh yeah, 2 weeks that's a really long time!

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SuzySchool said...

this is why you shouldn't get the flu shot!