Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Automobile Malpractice

This is my car. Well not exactly, but it's like my car. Except that my car doesn't run anymore. It ran fine 12 days ago when I took it in for service because the AC wasn't working. I asked them to check out the clunking sound while they had it in too. Yesterday I went to check on it and get some of my things that were in the car. The following is the conversation I had with the guy at the dealership.....
Me: My Equinox ready yet?
Car Guy (hopefully): Um....we have a rental for you.
Me: Any idea when my car will be done?
Car Guy (sensing my extreme irritation): We're picking up the tab on the rental for you.
Me (knowing full well that what I'm about to suggest is impossible): Why don't you just give me back my car and call me when the part comes in?
Car Guy (shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot, searching for an answer that will satisfy me and probably knowing that is impossible): We can't do that.
Me (relentlessly pursuing the admission that they broke my car): I just want my car back.
Car Guy (looking to Tom for some help - Tom knows better): Well your car doesn't exactly run right now.
Me: It ran fine when I brought it here 12 days ago.
Car Guy (has completely given up at this point): Yes ma'am but it isn't running now.
Me: So basically you've rendered my car useless.
Car Guy: Yes.
BINGO! We have a winner!
So......I have a little red rental car, at the dealership's expense. They have no idea when the new part will even be available. And I'm just thinking that it's too bad I can't sue them for automobile malpractice...........

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