Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Wedding

Alright, I promised more about the wedding and so here goes.....
Nick & Chelsea had a wedding last Saturday September 12. If you are one of my regular readers or a friend you will remember that they were married last year on September 12 at the court house. Two weeks later their sweet baby Maggie was born. So this year was the church wedding/vow renewal/anniversary/whatever. These photos are slightly out of sequence - the first photo should actually come after the one of Chelsea and her dad coming down the aisle. Anyways this is Maggie during the ceremony. Apparently not too interested in what mom & dad were doing.

Here is Maggie, who was the flower girl, being pulled down the aisle in her wagon by the ring bearer, Aiden. Soooo cute!! I was a little worried about this since she screamed through this part at the rehearsal. Obviously my concern was unfounded. Speaking of rehearsals, every part of the ceremony and stuff was carefully planned and practiced. So after all the guests and grandparents were seated I was waiting for my son Nathan to seat Tom & I just as practiced and planned. However when the time came, I turned to take his arm and it was Nick.....totally took me by surprise!!! A tear or two later we were on our way down the aisle. Sweet moment.

Guests were still chuckling and aww-ing over the cuteness when Chelsea and her dad came in.

Here is the happy couple. Mr. & Mrs. Nick Allen. Again.

The wedding party. Who knew how pretty the orange theme would be??
The reception hall was beautiful!

Me with my fun sized friends Judy & Cindy at the reception.

Okay this is obviously the groom and groom's mother dance. But there is a story here...... A few weeks ago the kids asked me to choose a song for this dance. All the songs on their list were these sappy tear jerker songs and it was brutal choosing one that I thought wouldn't make me a blubbering fool. But I did finally choose one and it, along with all the other musical selections, were given to the deejay. And I can tell you for sure that it was not "Baby Got Back"!!! ("I like big butts and I cannot lie".....are only part of the lyrics....) Anyways there was no stinking way I wasn't going to dance with my kid no matter what song so I *danced* to that song and after a minute or so the deejay put the real song on. Needless to say there were no tears.....we were still laughing
This is my favorite son in law Steve - dancing here with the red haired lady. I don't think she missed a dance. For like 4 hours!! Amazing!

Yep, I see there is another picture out of sequence but this is a great picture to end this post with....so here they are one more time.

Tom & I are enjoying the week....home alone.....pretending to be empty nesters......Nick & Chels are in Virgina honeymooning!! It's going to be short week!

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