Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day, Birthday Party, Wedding.......

Okay, can someone please tell me why the leaves are changing already?? Did we have a summer??
This photo was taken in Ludington last weekend. if the salmon are heading for the rivers already, then it must be the end of summer. Dagnabit!! This is the nice one we caught in the Pere Marquette lake last Sunday.
At least it was warm enough to finish up the summer with a little tubing on Hamlin Lake with niece Lauren and her friend Franzi who was visiting from Germany.

This is oldest grandson Alec who turned 11 (gulp!) a week ago.

And now it is back to work for me (tear!) and the wedding countdown has gone from weeks, to days, to hours! So without further ado, here is the happy couple......Nick & Chelsea. Aren't they a lovely couple??

And here is their little one, Maggie "Hannah Montana".

Check back later for some real wedding photos! I heard that Nick got his teeth fixed!!LOL

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