Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Good Advice

First let me just say that I knew it was a bad idea right from the start. That said, let me set the stage.....

Yesterday was Alec's (oldest grandchild) 11th birthday. He wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch. You know, for the Lego happy meal....which he didn't even order! McDonald's is not the bad idea.....well it is but that's not the bad idea I'm referring to here. So we went to McD's for lunch. It was Julie and me and her 5 kids. After lunch we went to Target where I decided that I would look for a bra that would work with the dress I have for the wedding (another story) in 2 weeks. You know where this is going now, don't you? Yep so I head quickly for that department, with Selah (2 years old) in tow, as soon as we are in the doors, hoping to find something fast. Evidently I wasn't fast enough because I heard 2 little voices behind me following me to the lingerie section. Alec & Luke. Do I have to tell you what it's like shopping for a bra with 11 & 6 year old boys?! They were actually hilarious. I could hear the snickers of other shoppers. They were picking out styles they thought I would like "look at this one Grandma it has skulls on it", (perfect for the wedding don't you think?) "this is the kind mom wears", "how about THIS one?" (yeah if I was 12!) or my favorite..."what's THIS for?" (yikes!) and telling me which ones they liked, making recommendations and well......needless to say we left that section after only about 3o seconds and headed for the relatively safe realm of toys and candy. Phew!

So here's my advice - take the kids shopping BEFORE lunch when they're whining and complaining and too hungry to care about shopping......when you can bribe them with McDonald's if only they'll give you 5 peaceful minutes to shop and then, yes maybe then, you'll be able to find what you're looking for!

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April said...

LOL. I love them.