Monday, August 17, 2009


Tom & I are just back from 9 days in Ludington. Here are some of the pictures from the week.

One day had been really really hot and so about 8 pm we headed for the Lake Michigan beach to swim and were still there for this fabulous sunset.

This is just a shot of Hamlin Lake. Unfortunately we spent no time on our boat because the first day Tom took it out fishing the motor blew up. Or something. It doesn't work anymore.

Here we are getting ready for our annual canoe trip on the Pere Marquette River. Happy to report that no one got wet! Now that we vacation without our kids the risk of a canoe tip over has just about completely ended!

One of the bridges we passed under on our canoe trip.

Looking at these pictures, it seems like most of our time is spent on or in water doesn't it? That could explain why we purchased a couple of kayaks last week. Hopefully we'll be able to try them out this next weekend.

And now for some odd things that we saw last week.......

First is this double decker outhouse. The upper level is for politicians and the lower level is for voters. At least that's what it says on the doors. Even if you shared the sentiment would you really put it on your front lawn???

At least this "guard dog" is on a stretch of highway and not on someone's front lawn. It is however advertising a business. Kinda doesn't entice me in.

Then there's this cute little troll or gnome or whatever painted under a bridge that we've literally driven over hundreds of times and never seen before. Actually kind of cute don't you think??

And saving the best for is Tom at the beach. Yep we had a great time!

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Cindy said...

Welcome home, looks like you had a great week! Glad you're back!