Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Pictures

Somewhere along the line we have turned into big geeks. Yeah, yeah I know that you've always thought we were geeks but here is the evidence......more sunset photos! Yikes! And to make matters worse, Tom even turned the car around to get this shot. We used to be much more interesting I think. That was before we started taking pictures of sunsets and the Ludington carferry.

But wait - it gets better (or worse) is a sunset and a lighthouse together in one picture!
And here is the required grandchild photo.....Selah getting her ears pierced. I am pretty sure she wasn't expecting the element of pain that is associated with the procedure but she recovered quickly.
Here she is later at home showing us her pretty purple earrings!

Sadly (or not) I do not have any photographic evidence of our maiden kayak voyage. Or proof of one of us (snicker snicker) tipping it over and getting soaked, so......I guess you'll just have to decide for yourselves which of us big geeks is also a clumsy kayak paddler!

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