Saturday, August 1, 2009


We have just returned from a week in Ludington. It was Julie and her 5 kids and me. She reminded me daily that I am not as helpful as Steve and I really make no apologies for that. I also had 5 kids and have lived through it! More or less :~)We went to the West Michigan Fair one day and all the rides were a buck! So the kids and Julie rode all the rides they wanted to! Above they are on the Dizzy Dragon.
Below is Selah waiting her turn on the train. No one better take cuts in line in front of her!!

Of course the big kids had to go to the "haunted house" (down the road from our place). The place gives me the creeps! But they like it and have to check each time to see if the bed frame has fallen out the window yet.

We also spent a day at the Ludington State Park. Here is Selah eating her lunch by the
Hamlin Lake dam.
Luke and Caleb.
Alec jumping off a sand dune.
The kids found a frog in lake Michigan. Here they are "playing" with the poor thing!
I don't know why kids always have to dunk their heads in the lake but here is Selah taking her turn dunking.

And saving the best for is Selah eating blueberries. Love the one stuck on her tooth!

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