Thursday, July 23, 2009


You may be wondering why 2 posts in 2 days?? Well that would be because I am just too ticked off to go back to sleep!
There's one thing you can count on at our house and that is this - don't make plans without a contingency clause because invariably something will happen to ruin your original plans. Case in point:
It all started last night when Tom was complaining that my late night hours were keeping him from getting a restful sleep. So out of *consideration* for him I took a couple of Simply Sleeps and fell into a peaceful coma.....only to be awakened by him at about 5 am trying to have a conversation with me. Seriously?? I was still way foggy and in no shape for conversation. So I guess he got up, made coffee, let the dogs out, read the paper, or whatever. I don't really know what he did but I know that something woke me from slumber shortly before 6. What was it?? It smelled sooo bad. I'd smelled that smell before but couldn't place it so early and still so fuzzy brained. Suddenly I remembered it and sat up in horror! Not again! Not today! I have (now had) other plans! CRAP! Skunked again. Stupid dogs!
These are not my dogs, just some pics I pulled from the internet. But they could be my dogs. And if they were, here's what they'd be saying.
"Hurry up and finish eating so we can go play!"
And "I'll let you sniff mine if you let me sniff yours."This is NOT how I wanted to spend one of the remaing 35 days of summer break!! I guess Harry Potter will have to wait! And Joann's. And........AUGGHH!!!

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