Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Sick

I really hate when this happens......
Okay so about 2 weeks ago I decided that I would take a *sick day* before the end of school and I checked the calendar to make sure that I wouldn't miss anything important like graduation or the pizza party or the bowling banquet. So June 3rd looked like it would be the day. I mentioned it to my co-workers and that was that.
And then I really got sick......just a nasty cold/cough bug, but truly not feeling well. So it is noon and I am still in bed, drinking cold coffee and feeling sorry for myself.
This isn't the first time things have turned out like this. You'd think I would learn huh?

Oh well. Here are some pics from Memorial Day weekend. Tom & I went to Ludington and took Maggie with us because Nick & Chelsea had the same bug that I now have and they also had to work. She is a great baby - Maggie. She was content in the car, slept all night, happy during the day.....well except for the Amoxicillin....which she flat out refused. Twice a day we tried to squirt that pink goo in her tiny mouth and twice a day she spit it out completely!

She fell asleep each time we took her for a golf cart ride.

She was fascinated with bubbles, trying to catch them and then looking puzzled when they disappeared.

Not at all afraid of the racket Tom made while making a repair to the hallway floor. Actually slept through most of it.

She never even made a peep in the car until we were almost home. Here she is in the car looking at herself in the toy mirror.

Back to work tomorrow........only 4 school days until summer!!!! YAY!

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