Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Boys

The Schultzes moved in while we were up north last weekend! They now live 8 houses down the road from us. "A dream come true" according to Alec.
Tonight we watched the 3 boys for a couple hours. One of them *found* a can of whipped cream in the fridge. (Weird huh?) Knowing them like I do, I told them there was no way they were going to just squirt it in their mouths - disgusting!!. No problem - they just squirted it on Oreos. (GROSS!)
Well if you know these boys at all you know that it didn't take long before they skipped the Oreos altogether and shot it straight into their mouths! Eeewwww!
But it was all good until one of them suggested to his brother - who coincidentally had a mouthful - that he pop his cheeks. Uh huh, I don't think so!!!

So...if you are ever over here and we're serving something with whipped cream, and that whipped cream is the kind in a can....well you just might want to ask for some cool whip in a tub or skip it all together!!!

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