Monday, June 22, 2009

Being Elderly

We are back from our week in Ludington. We had a nice time......the weather was pretty crummy except for the one day we went to the beach. So we played a lot of Left, Center, Right using candy instead of the chips. They also learned how to play a computer game on my laptop. We went to the pool (indoors) many times each day. Listened to "Grandma look at me!" about fifty two thousand times :~) Went to the movies twice. A long time ago I took the kids to see a really lame Winnie the Pooh movie. It was soo bad I could hardly sit through it! So I've learned to only take them to movies that I would actually consider seeing even without them. Therefore we saw "UP" in 3D and later in the week we saw the new "Night at the Museum". We also visited the elk ranch and got up close and personal with about 200 elk. We fed them out of our hands - kinda weird - wished I'd had my purell with me. We went out for ice cream a couple times and also spent an evening at the playground. Took several long golf cart rides up and down back roads, through the woods, to the "haunted house", up & down the big hill. They stayed up as late as they wanted to, ate what they wanted, etc.

So during all these activities I kept noticing how many other grandparents were out with their grand kids. And I was thinking that they all looked so old. Seriously. And I was thinking that for a grandma of 7 I look pretty darn good. Like maybe the kids should be calling me "Auntie Sheryl" instead of Grandma.

So you can imagine my surprise when Luke tells Julie that I'm "elderly". WHAT???? I don't even qualify for a senior discount anywhere yet kid!!

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