Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Up North

Well here we are up north. Me, Alec & Luke. We got here Monday afternoon. Yesterday morning we went in to town for groceries and stuff. While we were in the grocery store my phone rang and it was Steve, the boys' dad. Alec answered and played a "trick" on him ( HIS idea, not mine!). Here is the side of the conversation from my end.....

Alec: Dad, we lost Luke!

Alec: No! Seriously, we don't know where he is!

Me: NOT funny Alec, give me the phone!

Alec: We've looked every where for him dad!

At this point I took the phone from Alec.

Me: Hi Steve.

Steve: Hi. Julie is in the ER.

Me (thinking this is my payback for "losing" Luke): Seriously? You are joking, right?

Steve: I wish I was joking!

So anyways....long story short......and many phone calls later......Julie had appendicitis and had an appendectomy yesterday afternoon. Weird huh?? And she went home last night! Phew!!!

Yep, the summer is off with a bang!

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