Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ahhhh the windy city - nothing quite like it! But I learned this weekend that "windy city" has nothing to do with weather conditions. Chicago got the nickname because of long winded politicians.
Well we are just back from our annual trek to Chicago. We stayed in a different part of town this year - more towards the south end of the Mag Mile, I think. Anyways, I saw new stuff this trip that I hadn't noticed before. Above is the view from our room of the new Trump Tower and the Chicago River.This sculpture of a bull is made from car bumpers. I had to look twice to actually believe it because this bull is anatomically correct! Anyways he was in a plaza near the Tribune Building. Which, by the way, has pieces of other important structures embedded in its walls - a piece of the Parthenon, the World Trade Center, the Great Pyramid, the Taj Mahal and many others. Very interesting. I've walked past many times and never noticed before.
We also tried Chicago style pizza for the first time. MMMM! Regular pizza just won't be the same for me now!

We rented bikes and took a ride along the Lakeshore trail from Navy Pier to the end. Not exactly sure how far we went - some say 10.5 miles each way and others say 8.5 each way. Near Bryn Mawr there was a bridge that had been completely covered, both sides, with mosaic tiles. It was so unexpected to just come upon something like that. But it made the trip so worthwhile!

We learned after we got home that we were only about 3 miles from the house that I lived in when I was a kid. Maybe next time we'll take a pedal over that way and see if we can find the house. Shouldn't be too difficult, it's right across the street from the Bohemian Cemetery! There can't be more than one of those in Chicago, can there?

Being from Hartland, where the biggest building - (since they tore down the truck stop!) - is the High School, I love the tall buildings in Chicago. I probably took about 100 pictures of them this weekend. Here is the skyline from somewhere north of town on the bike trail.
We also did some shopping and took an architectural boat cruise on the river and walked about 968 miles! We went to see A Chorus Line. It was okay......not enough action to capture my attention but the music was pretty good.
We came back home on the late train and I think it was the quietest train ride we've ever had!!! Nearly everyone was sleeping before we even pulled out of Union Station.

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