Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Wedding

What do you do when you're at a wedding reception and it's taking WAY too long for dinner to be served??? Well, if you have your camera you're in luck!

When you're 10, you see how many forks you can balance on your nose.


But if you're 4 you try and suck the goblet really hard so that it sticks on your face. You have to make sure that the glass still has something it in though! Preferably a red beverage.


The girls, on the other hand, waited patiently. Unless one of them (who we won't tattle on here) runs in circles around the cake table with her diaper falling off!

Julie, Selah & Linnea

If you're a big kid you can amuse yourself making faces at each other and the camera.

Nick & Chelsea

Or simply sit there, weak from hunger, and wait!

Christina & Eddie
After the meal has been served there is nothing like a little nap! Best in daddy's arms of course.

Steve, Selah & Caleb

Oh yeah...there was also a bride and groom!

Jessica & David
Luke & Nathan were there too but I'm not sure why I had no pictures of either of them???

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April said...

That picture of Steve and the kids is great! Well, all of them are, but I'm a sucker for daddies and sleeping kids :)