Friday, January 16, 2009

What a Week!

Our students have been extra squirrelly lately. I think the answer came Saturday night when I looked out the window to see the biggest full moon you can imagine. It was like daylight in the trees were casting shadows. Awesome! On top of all the new snow...beautiful!

Then there was Sunday......
I really hate when this happens...
My mom had a Dr. appointment Monday morning in Ann Arbor. She had her first visit there in November and I took the day off and went with her and my dad. It was a great visit - she was evaluated by a geriatric specialist and we were very encouraged. Anyway, today was just a re-eval. No big deal, so I decided that I wouldn't go this time.
Besides, we were expecting a possible "situation" at work. And I had made a big point of assuring our principal that we could handle things in the classroom without extra assistance. Ha!
So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I came down with a nasty stomach bug Sunday night. I let everyone down that day.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful....went back to work.....still feeling crappy. Woke up Wednesday night sick again! AUGH! Took another day off (I hate missing work....weird!). Then this morning - without any warning - the phone rang announcing that school was closed!!!!YAY!! I'd been hoping for a snow day ALL week. Plus I felt better so that was a bonus. Went to breakfast with some of my kids and grand babies, went shopping, mixed up some cookies to bake tomorrow, etc......
Now I am sitting here looking at the lovely beautiful glorious snow and hoping for a bunch more tomorrow!!!
Here is a new pic of Nick & Maggie - see any family resemblance??

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Julie said...

Yes--I do see resemblance. They both looked confused:)